As the cybersecurity threat landscape worsens, I sleep a little better at night knowing that Edupoint is watching our systems and responding quickly and appropriately when they see something that needs attention.

Rachel Wente-Chaney
CIO, High Desert ESD, WA

Release Management

With our Release Management service, Edupoint remotely performs Synergy application updates based on agreed-upon schedules and ensures that Synergy is working properly in test, training, and production environments. Release Management reduces the need for internal software support and lowers costs associated with training and total cost of ownership. Districts with Release Management continue to maintain their own hardware and operating systems.

Systems Engineering Consulting Services

Need Synergy expertise? Edupoint offers Systems Engineering Consulting Services to help you get things done faster with less demand on your IT staff. These services are performed by our Engineering Services Team which has extensive experience supporting, designing, and implementing K-12 education software solutions.